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Stratospheric audience data for the live interview with Rocío Carrasco that outraged the networks: “Antonio David has achieved what he wanted, diverting the focus”



Telecinco has proven to be an expert in creating quite a historical event around its programming, the utopia of the famous ‘Super League’. It was inevitable not to have hairs all over the body like spikes (those of the head like Pedroche’s husband) when they saw how Rociíto entered the set with that version of ‘Como Alas al Viento’ sung by Blas Cantó and his later “I believe you” as the soundtrack.

The dome of ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’, a production company that yesterday made the entire documentary series of Rocío Carrasco and her live interview, managed to gather a 32.5% of the audience and 3,019,000 viewers. A live gold testimonial like this deserved to get the golden minute with 48% and close to 5 million (4,940,000) of spectators.

However, the interview was not what the audience expected. Same It was not necessary to bring Rocío Carrasco with their pain and their red folder, with their emotion and their testimony so that only they could speak, So that María Patiño viciously reprimanded Fidel So that Jorge Javier Vazquez do the reflections out loud that he could have gotten for one of the seven hundred thousand hours of television that he already occupies.

That is my opinion, but also that of many viewers who followed the program through Twitter. And that is more than ‘Rocío on the set’, it seemed ‘Panic on the set’ … Juan y Medio and the gang of friends were missing, commenting on the play from behind …

“Too many voices for a story that only requires one”said the television critic David Vidal of ‘El Televisero’ in his personal account. Many agree that the testimony of Rocío Carrasco and the interview was distorted in an unnecessary debate on superfluous topics of his heartbreaking history, without order, without head or tail and with 28 employees waiting until three in the morning to do an intervention that never came.

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The dream of every teacher in an online class: all the students connected, with the cameras on and crazy to intervene

It must be very sad that, being a socialist telecinquero and having the opportunity of a lifetime to speak with Rocío Carrasco, he replaced you in the summary with a video of Paulina Rubio expressing to the daughter of the Jury the desire he has to get drunk with her on the beaches of Miami. Not a single word against this moment of two in the morning, when the singer is fresher (although it was recorded)!

Alone they intervened Rocío’s cousins, Fidel Albiac, Fayna Bethencourt, Yolanda Ramos, Pablo Nieto (son of Ángel Nieto), Rosa Villacastín (which, because of the question he asked, it was better that he had not entered), the head psychologist of the program and Sonsoles Ónega in his particular version of ‘Ya es Medianoche’ of the 28 people who, supposedly, were going to interact with Rociíto.

Quite a relief on the other hand, especially considering that Makoke, the ubiquitous Kiko Matamoros, Isabel Rábago and Pilar Rahola were some of those selected. be on the bench of ‘in case there is time’ in this 5-hour interview, which was infumable at the height of a full concert by the singer of ‘La Rouleta de la Suerte’.

Rocío Carrasco did not look very comfortable at many points in the interview. In fact, it was she who he repeated several times wearily some “again we go back to the same thing”, very recurrent when, far from focusing on “the monstrous masterpiece of Antonio David Flores that almost ended his life”, the collaborators focused on peripheral questions such as why his daughter did this and why her daughter the other or the statements of Rosa Benito.

Rocío Carrasco responds sharply to Rosa Benito after her constant attacks to discredit her:

Many think that this fuzzy result of the true leitmotiv of Rocío Carrasco’s live interview andthat is precisely what Antonio David Flores wanted with her daughter’s appeal last Wednesday in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: divert focus towards his figure as an alleged abuser to focus the debate on why mother and daughter are not related.

Rocío, in fact, was forced to recap the last day you saw your daughter, June 27, 2012. He had hairs (those on his half head that are not shaved) and marks the beating that Ro Flores gave him at the age of 15, for which he ended up in the hospital with some of the most worrying wounds:

“If I don’t count this, I can’t tell the monstrous What is your father. Turning your daughter into this is her masterpiece to get to finish killing me, that’s why I tell you this episode. Without him, it is impossible for me to realize what that person is, “he declared, insisting that his daughter, before being an executioner, was also a victim” of the constant manipulation of Antonio David Flores.

Antonio David Flores sitting on Salvame's plate

Summary of everything ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’

In conclusion, Telecinco lost a great opportunity put the points in the AntonioDavíes and speak clear, compared to a large percentage of the population, on one of the great scourges of our society: gender violence.

An entertainment combination exercise (then you turn on the TV) and social awareness (how we were able to turn it off at three in the morning at the end of the interview) totally lost for trying to turn Rocío Carrasco’s visit into a “Saturday Deluxe disguised as sobriety”, with JorgeJa in front and Carlota Corredera relegated to the background, more like a host of ‘El Precio Justo’ than as a journalist who could have led the meeting in the right place.


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Dynasty Season 5 Release Date, Cast: When is Season 5 Coming?



Dynasty Season 5 Release Date, Cast: When is Season 5 Coming?

The public is very excited about the fourth season that will be released on May 7, but they are also curious if there is the next season after the fourth season or not. So here are the details of this program when you read below.

Dynasty season 5 release date

Yes, the fifth season of Dynasty was renewed in February 2021, so the fifth season is happening after the fourth season!

But this fifth season is not going to be released anytime soon because they have to plan a schedule for this, also shooting and editing the next season of this show takes time.

In addition, the covid situation is increasing day by day, so the filming and filming will decide after the launch of the fourth season.

And if everything goes very well, you can wait for the fifth season in mid-2022 because a lot of people were very curious to know what will happen in these two seasons.

Until then, you can watch the fourth season of the dynasty coming this year on May 7 and audiences are very excited.

This will be released on CW if you don’t know about it in any case. We hope that the production will reveal the date of the fifth season soon or until the end of this fourth season because people cannot wait for the response from this show.

Also by the end of this year, the fourth season will be released on Netflix hopefully because Netflix has not yet confirmed the release dates yet, so until then we have to wait for the series, or what you can do is get a subscription. from CW and watch the entire season on that app.

And if you guys haven’t seen all three seasons, you can go watch these three seasons now because I bet you will love all three seasons very much.

Dynasty Season 5 Plot and Cast

This show is an adaptation of the 80s with the same name as the soap opera. Also, there is nothing else being released for the fifth season, so we can only wait for the season to release nothing else.

Also, the fifth season may be delayed due to the current covid situation. But the sets see that anything can happen, since in the season it can also be released early or it can be delayed.

Everything is in the hands of this covert situation that is completely unpredictable. Also, stay updated on this website for more news and latest updates.


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Dexter season 9 release date: all the details you need to know



Dexter season 9 release date: all the details you need to know

As we all know, season 8 ended in 2013 and fans were a bit disappointed because they didn’t know that this was the end and also so devastating.

So there is good news for fans is that the show returns with season nine, yes! You are right about this!

The ninth season of this show, highly anticipated and also one of the surprises in our routine life because we never expected this show to return again for the ninth season.

Dexter, who is one of the most amazing and amazing fictional characters, returns with a big bang in our life.

Dexter season 9 release date

This show is returning with a ninth season and they have also released a small teaser for the upcoming season.

Here, the character named Dexter is much more different at the moment compared to last season, of course, major changes are expected and also surprises.

Here, Dexter is clean-shaven compared to the eighth season as well, he still lives in the woods, of course, inside the same cabin.

Also, when the camera zooms out, you can see the dexter’s back because here we can see that his reflection falls on that window.

In addition, right there you can also see the other person whose reflection is also seen where he is covered in plastic and he also covered his mouth with a tap.

So some good news for their fans is that the production is just starting filming in February 2021 and they expect this to end in July because they want to release this series ASAP by the end of this year.

Dexter Season 9 Cast:

Clancy Brown will play the character of Kurt Caldwell instead of Michael C., Julia Jones will play the role of Angela, the police chief, and David Magidoff will play the role of Teddy, who is an introvert and also a new cop. in the village.

Additionally, Amie Chung, Oscar Wahlberg, Jack Scott, and Alano Miller will also be seen this season. So I’m really excited to see you all again this season nine years later.

Dexter season 9 plot

The audience has to go with a time difference because after the ages, the ninth season is coming back and the show will show what happened to Dexter when he left Miami at the end of the eighth season.


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Ginny and Georgia Season 2: When is the release date?



Ginny and Georgia Season 2: When is the release date?

This is one of the most famous Netflix shows in 2021 and also people will be happy to hear the good news that the show is launching the second season of this show.

This is very good news for audiences who love Ginny and Georgia’s chemistry so much, in fact, I’m also super excited because I was in love with this show myself and I want to know what will happen in the second season.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 release date

This is an American TV show where there is a lot of drama and comedy, so viewers will definitely like this show.

The creator of this show is Sarah Lampert. And the first season was released on netlfix on February 24, 2021, also this season contains 10 episodes.

After this show, there were a lot of positive comments for the show from fans who also wanted to know what will happen in the second season.

Because there are so many questions on her fans’ minds too, they are a bit curious as to what Ginny’s future will be on this show.

As of now, the production has confirmed the renewal of the second season but we do not know anything about filming and filming because I think they have not started yet.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Cast and crew

We’re so excited about the cast members that will be there in season two, these characters will probably definitely be joining next season Brianne Howe, Antonia Gentry, Jennifer Robertson, Felix Mallard. And if there are new faces, we will inform you soon about this.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 any renovation?

Yes, there is a renewal of this show because the last season was loved by the audience and therefore the production decided to start filming next season as fans are super excited to know what will happen in the next season of this show. . they are also very excited about this show.

When will it be released? Ginny and Georgia Season 2?

There is no such confirmed decision yet, but we believe that they are working on it because the products have finally decided to make the new season of this show based on the demand of their fans.

Also, the release dates are in the hands of production because I assume they are working on it. Maybe the season returns in February 2022 or it could be between February and May, but the year is definitely 2022.

Stay connected to this website for the latest news and updates.


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