Rainforest Crops – Catuaba

Family: Erythroxylaceae

Genus: Erythroxylum

Species: catuaba

Common Names: Catuaba, cataguá, chuchuhuasha, tatuaba, pau de reposta, caramuru, piratançara, angelim-rosa, catiguá

Basic Description: Catuaba is a medium-sized tree identified in the Amazon rainforest in the northern portion of Brazil. It is modest and vigorous, with yellow and orange trumpet-formed flowers and small yellow oval-shaped inedible fruit. Catuaba is occasionally misspelled as catauba or catawba.

Uses: Catuaba is most typically available as a tincture. Catuaba is typically eaten as a tea manufactured from the bark of this modest shrub. It is thought to serene overactive neurotransmitters. Catuaba is explained to alleviate insomnia, particularly when relevant to anxious debility, and it also believed to alleviate depression, emotional stress and hypochondria. Some have touted Catuaba as a principal remedy for AIDS it is in fact not recommended as a primary treatment method for AIDS, but instead as a defense against opportunistic an infection.

Catuaba is most likely the best acknowledged aphrodisiac in tribal drugs. Even though utilized traditionally by both guys and girls, it is largely valuable in the remedy of impotence and Prostatitis. Catuaba is intended to have a cumulative prolonged time period influence first signaled by erotic goals, and followed by improved sexual need. Catuaba is extremely successful for the male sexual organs simply because it increases circulation and libido. This herb is regarded an “harmless” aphrodisiac, that means no adverse facet-consequences have been documented in its use.

Catuaba (pronounced with emphasis on the previous syllable) is one of the most popular of Brazilian herbs, known to the indigenous Tupi Indians as the ‘tree of love’ or the ‘tree of togetherness’. The Catuaba herb has been typically utilised by natives in the Amazon in combination with muira puama. Catuaba and muirapuama, two widespread trees expanding commonly across the Amazon river basin, get pleasure from centuries of secure, successful use as aphrodisiacs.

Catuaba is mild and immensely calming, a soothing herbal tea to drink at the end of a non-quit day.
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