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Netflix: anime series and movies coming in April



March was a very interesting month for fans of Japanese animation: we got to see the series Pacific Rim: The Dark Zone (here you can find our review of Pacific Rim: The Dark Zone), inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s film, and the long-awaited second season of B: The Beginning. April, however, does not seem to be any less interesting: indeed, some of the Netflix brand anime announced last year and Italian exclusives will be landing. After taking a look at what the Netflix TV series catalog for April 2021 has to offer, it’s time to see what Japanese animated productions are coming up during the month.

The way of the apron – the homemade yakuza (April 8)

Taken from the homonymous manga by Kosuke Ono (published in Italy by J-POP as of last July), The way of the apron – the homemade yakuza follow the events of Tatsu, a yakuza criminal feared by various Japanese clans as well as by the most daring policemen. Tatsu, in fact, managed to defeat an entire rival gang by himself, armed with a lead pipe; that is why it is known in the world as “The inmortal“.

Despite his reputation as a criminal, one day the protagonist decided to leave the environment for good to change his life: he managed to find a wife and wants to be a perfect housewife. Soon, Tatsu realizes that even home life has its difficulties, from managing grocery shopping to constant failure in front of the stove. Tatsu, however, could not put aside the brusque and threatening character that made him famous in the yakuza: this is the basis of various comic situations and misunderstandings that will involve him.

The way of the apron – the homemade yakuza it is made by the studio J.C. and will also be available to stream with dubbing in Italian.

Heaven’s Officer Blessing (April 9)

Approximately 800 years before the events began, the warrior god Xie Lian was well liked by the citizens and was known as the Sending Prince of Xianle; However, after a series of unfavorable circumstances, he was banished from Paradise. Now, Xie Lian has returned to the Heavenly Realm for the third time, but as a low-ranking deity, with no followers before him.

One night, the god gets lost in a forest lit only by moonlight; He is rescued by a mysterious man dressed in red, who takes him back to the road, only to suddenly disappear in a swarm of silver butterflies. Fascinated by the mysterious figure, Xie Lian discovers that it is actually Hua Cheng, the Ghost King, feared by demons and other deities alike, but cannot understand why it helped him.

The protagonist asks for advice Sang lang, a young man who knows Hua Cheng and the now-forgotten Crown Prince well. Xie Lian embarks on a journey with Sang Lang to rediscover your lost past.

Heaven’s Officer Blessing, based on the Chinese novel of the same name, is a series that aired from last October to January, for a total of 11 episodes, and four months after its conclusion reaches Italy, exclusively on Netflix, but in Italian original and with subtitles in Italian.

Doraemon – The Movie: Nobita and Treasure Island (April 15)

In 1969, the manga couple known as Fujiko Fujio created a character that quickly entered the hearts of millions of people: Doraemon.

Nobita Nobi He is a generous child, but also lazy and unhappy. One day the robot cat enters his life. Doraemon, who came from the future to help you solve your problems: Although the mission is more difficult than expected, the robot cat has at his disposal a vast arsenal of gadgets that he draws from a four-dimensional pocket. Sadly, Nobita doesn’t make good use of Doraemon’s gadgets and most of the time he gets into trouble.

The success of Doraemon also came thanks to the animated series, especially the one that aired from 1979 to 2005, which arrived in Italy in 1982. At the moment, the third animated transposition of Doraemon is still in progress, which began in 2005.

Given the success of the series, the animation studio Shin-Ei Animation He has made numerous films, but the most recent reach Netflix, also distributed in Italy: Nobita and treasure island, e Nobita and the chronicles of the exploration of the Moon.

In the first feature film, Nobita and Doraemon set sail for the Caribbean seas, accompanied by their inseparable friends Shizuka, Gian and Suneo: obviously, the protagonist is the captain of the ship and must face numerous enemies. Unexpectedly, Shizuka is kidnapped.

A storm tries to slow down Nobita and the others, but they still manage to reach theTreasure Island, where the friend is a prisoner: soon, they realize that this is not a simple island.

In the second film, however, Nobita is found Wound, a student who has recently moved into your class. The two firmly believe in the existence of rabbits on the moon: Doraemon then creates a village on the satellite. Nobita and Luka arrive on the moon, using one of the robot cat gadgets and discover that there are mysterious children capable of using the power of the “back”.

Yasuke (April 29)

Yasuke, whose real name was Yusufe, was an African slave who came to Japan in the Sengoku period. Oda Nobunaga he was beaten by man and wanted him in his army, because he knew it would scare and disorient the enemies. Thanks to the warlord, Yasuke became a samurai and remained loyal to his master to the end.

The anime will arrive in April, created by the collaboration between the MAPPA studio (as well as the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants) and LeSean Thomas, creator of Cannon busters (here’s our review of Cannon Busters), take the figure of the samurai Yasuke, but in a sci-fi key.

The series, in fact, takes place in a world devastated by war, characterized by mecha and magic. Yusuke, now a ronin, tries to lead a peaceful life after a troubled past, but one day he is called upon to brandish his katana to defend a boy who seems to have attracted the attention of bloodthirsty generals and dark forces.

Fate / stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. spring song

After a long wait, we can finally find out how Holy Grail War: Dynit will distribute Fate / stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. spring song exclusively on Netflix, with Italian dubbing.

Shiro Emiya he was still a child when he was rescued by Kiritsugu Emiya of the calamity that destroyed the city of Fuyuki, during the fourth war. Shiro is now a student who one day witnesses the confrontation between two mysterious figures: this event marks the beginning of his adventure.

The protagonist is involved without his knowledge in the fifth War of the Holy Grail: a confrontation in which seven wizards, master’s degree, evoke the heroes of the past, Server, to fight each other for the Holy Grail, an ancient relic capable of granting a victor’s wish. Shiro summons the servant To know, one of the strongest, but still has no experience in using magic. Meanwhile, mysterious deaths occur in the city.

After doing the series of Unlimited sheet jobsAn adaptation of the second “path” of the visual novel Fate / stay night, the ufotable studio has curated the cinematographic trilogy centered on the third path, Heaven’s Feel, lthe most dark and macabre.

Between novelties and exclusives, April promises to be interesting. At the moment, these are the anime that will appear during the month, but in case of more additions, we will keep you posted. What title are you waiting for the most?


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How “Psycho” (and the fear of spoilers) changed the way movie theaters forever



Much has been written about the impact of Psychosis, one of the most forceful works of the teacher Alfred Hitchcock and it is impossible to deny the actuality of the film in modern cinema. It has influenced filmmakers of all generations and has generated sequels, imitations and, of course, the fear of the shower and motels of those who experienced this mass phenomenon in 1960. But with his work, Hichcock not only impacted with what appeared on the screen. , but how did you decide change audience habits at the time. Or rather, how he ended the mania of being late to the movies when the movie had already started.

To understand the phenomenon, you have to know that at that time people entered the screenings when they wanted, it did not matter if the film was started. The patterns of this ritual were summed up in a once common motto that is now unknown to moviegoers of a certain age: “This is where we come in.” Throughout the classic Hollywood era, viewers flocked to a movie screening whenever they felt like it, paying no attention to the progress of the narrative. What they were doing was basically going to the middle of the movie and watching it through to the end, watching the previous newscast, the animated / comedy short that aired at the beginning, and starting the movie where they came from.

At that moment, the spectator whispered to his partner: “This is where we come in”, and then they left the room. It’s hard to believe, but it did. Until Hitchcock came along.

Some moviegoers were spellbound and immersed in the movie more than once. Although fans were already counting on the ticket price being an open access pass, many exhibitors (who wanted crowd control) and filmmakers (who wanted a captive audience from opening credits to finish) disapproved. . The directors hated that viewers barged in and they will break, or never experience, the spell and magic of the movie. Cecil B. DeMille was especially bothered by the fact that viewers, and not himself, were deciding how to experience his films.

In 1950, Twentieth Century-Fox producer Darryl F. Zanuck and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz realized how difficult it was to turn the clock on American viewers. Knowing that they had something special in their hands, they asked the exhibitors of the big cinemas that they wanted to reserve Naked eva to sign a contract that “no customer should be seated after the movie starts” and “at the end of each performance, the theater must be clear.” Since the beginning of this movie is the end, it would spoil any audience’s enjoyment not to see it from the beginning, it was clear.

But after just four days, Fox dropped the proposal. Why? Many cinemas generally attracted large numbers of pedestrians wowed by the lobby displays. Impulsive moviegoers simply they refused to wait for the next pass and they went to the nearby cinemas, which kindly let them in.

And then Hitchcock came along

It was the terrifying event of the year. 1960. Families, couples, friends, all filled the rooms, screaming and throwing themselves into each other’s arms. But this time it was going to be different. Hitchcock and the production team of Psychosis made a marketing effort (trailer and posters included) so that exhibitors they close their doors to late-arriving spectators. “No one … BUT NO ONE … will be admitted to the theater after the start of each performance of PSYCHOSIS“He read the posters, which showed Hitchcock himself pointing to his watch as if warning students not to be late for class. Of the many “firsts” films attributed to Psychosis, the change in habits was surprising.

The idea was actually from Jerry Pickman, Paramount’s vice president of advertising, who I wanted to “protect the twist and end of the story” and create the best atmosphere for Hitchcock to scare people. “The enjoyment of the movie would be diminished unless the customers saw it from the beginning,” Pickman said. Hitchcock, who was always his best publicity accomplice, followed his colleague’s plan. “I realize this is a revolutionary concept, but we have found that Psychosis it’s different from most movies. It does not improve when it is seen in another way ”, explained the director.

If you know the movie, then you know the whole plot revolves around the twist where Marion Crane is murdered at the end of the first act, and the entire movie leads to her sister and her partner looking for her at the Bates Motel. This twist leads to the even more shocking revelation that Norman Bates dresses as his mother and is the one who is killing. And of course, if you went to the movies in the middle or at the end, you would have spoiled everything.

On June 16, 1960, after an exhaustive campaign, the DeMille and Baronet theaters in New York premiered Psychosis with the edict to see her from the beginning. Exhibitors pushed audiences in and out with military efficiency (staggered schedules, every two hours for the 109-minute film). Once Alfred Hitchcock lined them up, audiences knew that the middle of the movie was no longer the place to go. Sixty years after Psycho, the guards no longer had to block the movie theaters. And today, no one in their right mind would walk into a movie theater in the middle of a screening.

A pioneer against spoilers

But that’s not all, Hitchcock was also a pioneer in spoiler prevention. A few years ago, with the premiere of Avengers Endgame, the directors of the film, the Russo brothers released an official statement: “When you see Endgame In the next few weeks, don’t spoil it for others, in the same way that you wouldn’t want them spoil it for you. Remember, Thanos still demands your silence. Marvel even went ahead and bought an emoji for the hashtag #DontSpoilTheEndgame.

But this has happened long before, at the hands of the same man who demanded to get to the movies soon. Alfred Hitchcock went out of his way to make sure everyone who saw him Psychosis they were aware that spoiling the movie for the rest was foolish. And what did you do about it? It introduced an anti-spoiler message directly into the marketing. “If you can’t keep a secret, stay away from people after seeing Psychosis“It was one of the mottos of the movie. Here you can see one of the advertising posters:

The director revolutionized film marketing with that horror play, and his efforts, of course, paid off, as the film was a huge success for Paramount. The stunts turned the thriller into an event theater, but more importantly, a director could be seen working overtime to protect the sanctity of the cinematic experience. And 61 years later, with movie spoilers rampant on the internet, Hitchcock’s pioneering efforts in 1960 can be seen today. Nobody wants to ruin the movie.

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“There is no kink like Luke, I am your father.” ‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ director claims Tony Leung plays an original villain



‘Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ opens in a few months and, to this day, we had seen practically nothing. Wonderful He has taken advantage of the birthday of the main actor, Simu Liu, to surprise us all with the release of the long-awaited trailer. A cash advance that promises plenty of action, humor, excitement … and a great claim to a wacky Asian cinema as a server: the entry of Tony Leung in the Marvel Universe.

The real Mandarin?

A regular contributor to filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, Leung is portrayed as the hero’s father and also as a new wonder villain, leaving a first clue about the biggest conflict that Shang Chi will have ahead. Leung brings to life a character named Wenwu, a powerful warrior who has adopted many names over time, being also known as “The Mandarin”.

Recall that the Mandarin already jumped from cartoons to the big screen in ‘Iron Man 3’ (2013), causing a strong controversy among comic fans for the freedoms taken by those responsible for the film. Thanks to Ben kingsley Y Guy pearceMarvel and Shane Black created a huge surprise that divided the public. Now it seems that another version of Mandarin is coming to us, perhaps more faithful to the comics but it is still not so clear …

Or at least, they still don’t want to present it that way. Which is fine because the movie opens in September 3 And there’s no point in gutting it all now Destin Daniel Cretton, director of “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, Wenwu is an original character created for the film although, effectively, it is linked to the mysterious terrorist organization of the Ten Rings, already presented in the first ‘Iron Man’ (2008).

“Wenwu could easily have been a heartless one-dimensional villain. Tony opened up this character to be an antagonist who has a profound ability to love.Cretton declares. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige adds that they haven’t looked for a “twist like” Luke, I’m your father “. Shang-Chi knows who his father is and is determined to leave that world behind before he is dragged back. “

It is funny how Marvel returns to quote ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ although this time to discard the reference; the Russo brothers acknowledged seeing the classic “Star Wars” to orchestrate the devastating ending of “Avengers: Infinity War.” Whether or not he is the true Mandarin, it is unquestionable that Marvel has succeeded in signing Tony Leung, I am looking forward to seeing what he does with the character.


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‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’: Impressive trailer for the debut of an Asian Marvel superhero



Wonderful It has been asked at the beginning of the promotional campaign of ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’, the first film of the study starring an Asian superhero -Chinese to be more exact-, but now we can finally take a look in the trailer and poster of this film directed by Destin Cretton, responsible for titles such as “The Crystal Castle” or “A Question of Justice”.

A long-term project

Created by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin In 1973, to try to take advantage of the popularity of kung fu, Stan Lee himself tried to make his leap to the big screen in the 80s with Brandon Lee as the protagonist, but it did not take off until recently with Simon Liu in the lead role.

The Avengers Unite! In what order should you watch all the movies in the Marvel Universe?

The story of ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’ will begin in San Francisco following a seemingly normal person but without a fixed course in life. Of course, his past is much less ordinary, as he was trained by his father to succeed him in his criminal affairs, but upon discovering it, his son decides to follow a different path.

His father’s character has been created specifically for the film and will be played by Tony leung. Of course, be very careful with him, because from Marvel they already warn that he has received different names over the years and you may know that of The Mandarin, one of the most mythical villains of the company and whose name had already appeared previously. in the MCU….

Along with Liu and Leung we will also see in ‘Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings’ Awkwafina, Michelle Yeoh, Fala Chen, Florian Munteanu and Ronny Chieng. The September 3 We can check the result, since that is the date chosen by Marvel to release one of the most anticipated films of 2021.


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