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Gintama: The Final, the first 90 seconds of the movie is a parody of Dragon Ball Z!



Warner Bros. As you can see above, Movie intro features hilarious parody of Dragon Ball, in which the protagonists call themselves “Z Warriors.”

Hideaki Sorachi has always called himself a fan of Akira Toriyama’s work., quoted several times by the characters in his comic. In 2019, Toriyama revealed that his daughter was obsessed with Gintama, and that on one occasion she even accused Dragon Ball of being a bad copy. The two authors are close friends, and seeing such a tribute can only please fans of both works.

Gintama: The Final debuted at # 1 at the Japanese box office, breaking the absolute dominance of Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, crowned for the first time after twelve weeks at the top. The movie grossed over 1 billion yen in about two weeks, proving to be a hit and was estimated to have been viewed primarily by a female audience in their 20s and 30s.

What do you think about that? Is Gintama: The Final on your list of anime to take back? Let us know, as always, by leaving a comment in the box below!


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Xbox Game Pass adds Destroy All Humans !, Fable 3 and more games



As usual, Xbox Game Pass will receive some more games before the end of this month of April 2021. Thus, to titles recently added to the service such as the great GTA 5, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, or Disneyland Adventures, we have to add games announced today as Fable 3 and Fable Anniversary (for the cloud), as well as the Destroy All Humans remake! by THQ.

What’s more, today is the day that MLB The Show 21 premieres (consoles and cloud), a PlayStation Studios game that comes to the Microsoft service. Keep reading and we will tell you everything you need to know about these additions.

The official information has been published via Xbox Wire. In any case, below we leave you with the complete list of games that will be incorporated into the service in the coming days. Of course, ordered by arrival dates and specifying platforms on which each of the titles will be available.

Available today

  • MLB The Show 21 (Cloud and consoles)

April 22

28th of April

  • Second Extinction (Game Preview) (Cloud, Consoles, and PC)

April 29

  • Destroy all humans! (Cloud, Consoles and PC)

April 30th

  • Fable III (Cloud)
  • Fable Anniversary (cloud)

Now we leave you with the corresponding graphic image

New cloud-enabled games with Xbox touch controls

In addition, Microsoft has announced new games that add touch controls to play directly from our smartphones. They are as follows:

  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Battle Chasers: Sleepwear
  • Killer Queen Black
  • Overcooked! two
  • Wreckfest
  • Double dragon neon

Finally, we leave you with the list of games that leave an Xbox Game Pass soon:

April 30th

  • Endless Legend (PC)
  • For the King (Cloud, Consoles and PC)
  • Fractured minds (cloud and consoles)
  • Levelhead (cloud, consoles and PC)
  • Moving (cloud, consoles and PC)
  • Thumper (PC)


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Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki could have multiple seasons, but with Scarlet Witch and Vision it’s much less likely.



It’s very likely that Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as well as Marvel’s upcoming Loki series, will have multiple seasons. However, that option will be much more complicated in the case of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

IndieWire revealed that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be nominated for Emmy Awards in the drama series category, while Scarlet Witch and Vision will be featured in the limited series or anthology categories. In part, that’s because Marvel Studios doesn’t want its series to compete with each other for the same awards, but also talks about the studio’s future plans.

Marvel Studios VP of Production and Development Nate Moore did not directly confirm a Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 2, but he “absolutely” wants to leave the possibility open. “We have definitely had ideas because we always like to keep thinking about where things can go, but also, frankly, we are in the middle of the pandemic, we are just trying to finish the program and make sure it goes well. Hopefully, at the end of this season, he will see the potential that we could see in a later season. “.

IndieWire asked Moore if there were still other Marvel shows to premiere that could also have multiple seasons. “The one that comes to mind, and that is probably not a secret, is Loki. I think there are a lot of stories in Loki that are really irreverent, clever, and cool. “He replied,” But it also lends itself to multiple seasons in a way that is no exception. “

Scarlet Witch and Vision, however, is a different story. The “mystery box” nature of that show means that it fundamentally revealed its secrets after the end, and will now tie into other Marvel movies, and its creators seem to consider that show’s history as completely closed. “I think ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ is a show you can only do once,” Moore said. “She can’t go back to that reality.”

While we know that Scarlet Witch and Vision will tie into the upcoming Doctor Strange and Spider-Man movies, we still don’t know exactly where the ending of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will take us in the MCU. Anyway, we have theories ahead of this week’s final episode. In other words, it seems like we will come up with theories about an entirely new season after the first one ends.

The next big show to theorize about will be Loki, arriving in June. More specifically, next June 11, 2021. In addition, we have recently learned that the logo of the series indicates what it will be about. Something that the protagonist of the program has confirmed.


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Stratospheric audience data for the live interview with Rocío Carrasco that outraged the networks: “Antonio David has achieved what he wanted, diverting the focus”



Telecinco has proven to be an expert in creating quite a historical event around its programming, the utopia of the famous ‘Super League’. It was inevitable not to have hairs all over the body like spikes (those of the head like Pedroche’s husband) when they saw how Rociíto entered the set with that version of ‘Como Alas al Viento’ sung by Blas Cantó and his later “I believe you” as the soundtrack.

The dome of ‘La Fábrica de la Tele’, a production company that yesterday made the entire documentary series of Rocío Carrasco and her live interview, managed to gather a 32.5% of the audience and 3,019,000 viewers. A live gold testimonial like this deserved to get the golden minute with 48% and close to 5 million (4,940,000) of spectators.

However, the interview was not what the audience expected. Same It was not necessary to bring Rocío Carrasco with their pain and their red folder, with their emotion and their testimony so that only they could speak, So that María Patiño viciously reprimanded Fidel So that Jorge Javier Vazquez do the reflections out loud that he could have gotten for one of the seven hundred thousand hours of television that he already occupies.

That is my opinion, but also that of many viewers who followed the program through Twitter. And that is more than ‘Rocío on the set’, it seemed ‘Panic on the set’ … Juan y Medio and the gang of friends were missing, commenting on the play from behind …

“Too many voices for a story that only requires one”said the television critic David Vidal of ‘El Televisero’ in his personal account. Many agree that the testimony of Rocío Carrasco and the interview was distorted in an unnecessary debate on superfluous topics of his heartbreaking history, without order, without head or tail and with 28 employees waiting until three in the morning to do an intervention that never came.

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The dream of every teacher in an online class: all the students connected, with the cameras on and crazy to intervene

It must be very sad that, being a socialist telecinquero and having the opportunity of a lifetime to speak with Rocío Carrasco, he replaced you in the summary with a video of Paulina Rubio expressing to the daughter of the Jury the desire he has to get drunk with her on the beaches of Miami. Not a single word against this moment of two in the morning, when the singer is fresher (although it was recorded)!

Alone they intervened Rocío’s cousins, Fidel Albiac, Fayna Bethencourt, Yolanda Ramos, Pablo Nieto (son of Ángel Nieto), Rosa Villacastín (which, because of the question he asked, it was better that he had not entered), the head psychologist of the program and Sonsoles Ónega in his particular version of ‘Ya es Medianoche’ of the 28 people who, supposedly, were going to interact with Rociíto.

Quite a relief on the other hand, especially considering that Makoke, the ubiquitous Kiko Matamoros, Isabel Rábago and Pilar Rahola were some of those selected. be on the bench of ‘in case there is time’ in this 5-hour interview, which was infumable at the height of a full concert by the singer of ‘La Rouleta de la Suerte’.

Rocío Carrasco did not look very comfortable at many points in the interview. In fact, it was she who he repeated several times wearily some “again we go back to the same thing”, very recurrent when, far from focusing on “the monstrous masterpiece of Antonio David Flores that almost ended his life”, the collaborators focused on peripheral questions such as why his daughter did this and why her daughter the other or the statements of Rosa Benito.

Rocío Carrasco responds sharply to Rosa Benito after her constant attacks to discredit her:

Many think that this fuzzy result of the true leitmotiv of Rocío Carrasco’s live interview andthat is precisely what Antonio David Flores wanted with her daughter’s appeal last Wednesday in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’: divert focus towards his figure as an alleged abuser to focus the debate on why mother and daughter are not related.

Rocío, in fact, was forced to recap the last day you saw your daughter, June 27, 2012. He had hairs (those on his half head that are not shaved) and marks the beating that Ro Flores gave him at the age of 15, for which he ended up in the hospital with some of the most worrying wounds:

“If I don’t count this, I can’t tell the monstrous What is your father. Turning your daughter into this is her masterpiece to get to finish killing me, that’s why I tell you this episode. Without him, it is impossible for me to realize what that person is, “he declared, insisting that his daughter, before being an executioner, was also a victim” of the constant manipulation of Antonio David Flores.

Antonio David Flores sitting on Salvame's plate

Summary of everything ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’

In conclusion, Telecinco lost a great opportunity put the points in the AntonioDavíes and speak clear, compared to a large percentage of the population, on one of the great scourges of our society: gender violence.

An entertainment combination exercise (then you turn on the TV) and social awareness (how we were able to turn it off at three in the morning at the end of the interview) totally lost for trying to turn Rocío Carrasco’s visit into a “Saturday Deluxe disguised as sobriety”, with JorgeJa in front and Carlota Corredera relegated to the background, more like a host of ‘El Precio Justo’ than as a journalist who could have led the meeting in the right place.


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