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Criminal UK 2, Review: Kit Harington in the Netflix series



If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make noise? Berkeley, in his critique of science, supported the dimension of doubt questioning the nature of objects and their existence beyond observability. Certainly science would say that sound is nothing more than interpreted vibrations (in our brain) and that, therefore, there is no noise without an ear that perceives it. But the vibes are always there.

One year after its first release, Criminal is back. Silently, as it had already done with its first iterations. Demonstrating a series worth seeing, especially for fans of the investigative streak. UK Crime Season 2 enriches, with four new episodes, the creative universe of a series that wants to probe the truth. The one capable of accusing or exonerating.

Once again, it is confirmed as a mature product. Conscious of having chosen to embrace the nature of Berkeley’s philosophical interrogation. Aware of his identity and his size. In this spirit, the anthological miniseries Netflix takes us back to the interrogation room to peer into a world divided by two-way glass.

Interrogative anthology

The concept of Criminal is that of an interrogative anthology with a psychological imprint and divided into four series (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain) launched in September 2019 on Netflix. It is a low-budget product whose formula follows a simple paradigm: there is always a suspect and there are always investigators. Compared to market standards, Criminal is a very short series. The only two seasons of the UK genre feature just seven episodes, lasting 45 minutes. The peculiarity that makes the product noteworthy is that, unlike the modus operandi such Crime, does not take us to the crime scene, overwhelming with investigations, but in direct contact with the procedural antechamber of the criminal system, where we are faced with a very different but equally delicate matter: human testimony.

With the second season of Criminal UK, available from September 20, George Kay and Jim Field Smith are implementing a process of expansion of the small Netflix production while remaining ingrained in their stylistic imprint.
That is, staying true to the idea, a thoughtful product. But technically simple and just plain nice.

When a tree falls in the forest

George KayThis season, he continues to hone his pen on a concept that moves away from serial storytelling and focuses on intensely scrutinizing acting, dialogue, and character development around the uniqueness of an interrogation. You will not be involved in the development of the relational dynamics of the research unit, since, essentially, it does not exist. Kay has little interest in getting us out of the interrogation room. In fact, it continues to limit the viewer’s mind, as much as possible, within the space immediately around it. This is not a problem at all, though it could easily have been.

Instead, the stories packed into these four episodes are dense. An unstable and unpredictable concentrate in which each face, innocent or guilty, hides behind a wax mask. In particular, episodes 2 and 4 manage to magnetize the viewer’s attention, being as captivating as they are disturbing.

Attention to narrative confirmed, Thus, one of the strengths of the series. The writing is solid and top-notch. The psychological drama he portrays is one matrioska behavioral which effectively offers the narrative twists of individual cases. George Kay is a talented writer who accurately strikes the heart of his concept. Without defects and without excesses, entrusting a central role to interpretation.

The usual suspects

That acting played a role of paramount importance Within the creative process of Criminal it is certainly not new. Already at the time of the launch of the first season, its creators had commented on the importance of foundry and the choices of the actors (as you can read in the article in which the creators of Criminal talk about the importance of the cast). To support this vision the cast of the first season returnsKatherine Kelly, Lee Inglesby, Rochenda Sandall and Shubham Saraf once again take on the role of detectives from Scotland Yard’s investigative unit.

The choice of production Using these established players is certainly a smart marketing option.. That the presence of the iconic face of Jon Snow could be a ploy to lift the public, as well as a passionate niche, was a hypothesis already discussed for some time. Whether this communicative movement is successful or not is not important. Much more central, however, is that in naming the series still hits the mark. The actor’s evidence on the accused is impeccable and is the result of careful study of non-verbal (as well as verbal) dialogue. The roles entrusted to the actors fit perfectly.

The address, curated in each episode by Jim Field Smith, it’s simple but accurate. Shots must often capture the essence of the characters that are held up during questioning. We talk about close-ups, close-ups, shots from above or below, and scenes of dialogue between two, three and four.

Season 2 of Criminal UK is, in short, a series without flaws, made with minutiae, in which it is almost impossible to find errors of a technical nature.
Without excelling in anything manages to achieve everything that is proposed. And he does it in a captivating way.


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One Piece reveals new results for its popularity poll



The Serie One piece announced the provisional results of his first world survey Character popularity ratings on a live broadcast on Saturday (Japan time). The general ranking of the top 10 is as follows:

  1. Monkey D Luffy
  2. Roronoa zoro
  3. Sanji
  4. Trafalgar Law
  5. Portgas D. Ace
  6. Nico Robin
  7. We
  8. Sabo
  9. Boa hancock
  10. Shanks

The full rankings, along with rankings in each major region of the world, can be accessed through the official website. Next, Truth news Share the file or live video stream with you:

What is the One Piece poll about?

The official English website for the survey describes the project as follows: “Get ready, it’s time to vote! Who will you choose from the hidden treasure of the One Piece characters to be your ichiban, your number one? The chosen ones will gather in this very venue, each representing the unique values ​​and beliefs of fans around the world! “

The One Piece site adds the following: “The international sensation and the best-selling Japanese manga of all time, One Piece has reached another milestone with the publication of its 1000th chapter! We celebrate it by asking the world: Who is your ichiban! Choosing a single character won’t be easy … “

Apparently you can consider that your ichiban (favorite character) He is the strongest, the cutest or the kindest; Well, in the end, the choice is yours alone. To vote you must bring your phone or “even an envelope” according to the franchise team created by Eiichiro Oda.

You can still choose your favorite One Piece character

Voting will last until the end of February 28th (Japan Standard Time), and you can cast one vote per day, so there’s still time to make sure your favorite One Piece character moves up the rankings. This cut of results highlighted the charismatic Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D Luffy.

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Pokémon: what are the most wanted Pokémon on the net? Google responds



The community of Pokemon is preparing to celebrate 25 years of the brand that was born from the mind of Satoshi Tajiri and become a reality thanks to the Pokémon Red and Blue video games, and awaiting all the news that The Pokémon Company, Game Freak and Nintendo must present during the weekend, Google has invited fans to discover some interesting facts.

As you can see from the post reported at the end of the news, the official GoogleTrends page on Twitter showed a graph showing the numbers related to the investigation of specific portable monsters, representing them in a kind of popularity contest that spans several years, from January 1, 2004 to the present.

Sure one could have expected Pikachu to be among the top positions, but the mysterious result achieved a surprising result. Celebi, which from 2006 to 2013 earned the title of Most Wanted Pokémon in the United States, before once again giving first place to Ash Ketchum’s favorite partner. Although they have been particularly stable over the years, you can see how Lugia’s popularity literally plummeted after 2012, giving way to Eevee, Charizard, Mer and Mewtwo. Then Google itself invited fans to look at other brand-related data.

Let’s remember that the Pokémon popularity poll has ended, and we leave you with a hilarious cosplay dedicated to the legendary Ho-Oh.


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Bokutachi no Remake anime reveals its first image



On the official site for the animated adaptation of light novels written by Nachi Kio and illustrated by Erected, Bokutachi no Remake (Redo our life!), the first promotional image for the project was revealed, as well as production details and voice cast.

The series is scheduled to premiere this year while Nachi Kio and Eretto began publishing the light novels through the publishing label. MF Bunko J from the editor Media factory in March 2017. The play also inspires a manga adaptation of the hand of Bonjin Hirameki, which is published on the website Suiyoubi no Sirius from the editor Kodansha since November 2018.

Cast of you

  • Masahiro Itou as Kyouya Hashiba.
  • Aoi Koga as Aki Shino.
  • Aimi terakawa as Nanako Kogure.
  • Nao touyama as Eiko Kagasegawa.
  • Haruki Ishiya as Tsurayuki Rokuonji.

Production team

  • Tomoki Kobayashi (Akame ga Kill !, Infinite Dendrogram, Utawarerumono) is in charge of directing the anime at the studios Feel.
  • Nachi Kio (Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm, Circlet Princess, Grisaia no Kajitsu) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Kousuke kawamura (Frame Arms Girl, Island, Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai) is in charge of character design.

Synopsis of Bokutachi no Remake

Hashiba Kyouya is a 28-year-old developer. With his company bankrupt and consequently losing his job, he returns to his hometown. Observing the success of the creators of his time, he regrets the decisions of his life as he lay anguished in his bed. However, when Kyouya wakes up the next day, he discovers that he has traveled ten years in the past, before entering college. Can you finally get it right? This is the story of a person who failed in his dreams, but has had a second chance.

Source: Comic Natalie

© Nachi Kio / KADOKAWA / Our Remake Production Committee


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